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To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.
To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.

Cool Machines CM2400-5HP Attic Insulation Machine

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Cool Machines CM2400-5HP Attic Insulation Machine

Cool Machines CM2400-5HP Attic Insulation all-fiber blower machine works with Rockwool, Fiberglass and Cellulose insulation materials
All Fiber - Attic Blow, Dense Pack (retrofit) Sidewall, Fireproofing & Wall Spray

The CM2400 series insulation machine is a high production, economical machine that has low requirements for power, reduced weight & size for your truck or trailer system. Its simple design & minimal moving parts produce a low maintenance insulation machine which is easy to repair.

This compact, robust machine with its various options, will outperform and out-last any machine in its class.

Material Production Rate/hr
Cellulose 3000 pounds*
Rockwool 1800 pounds
Fiberglass 1000 pounds*
*Optional 16 inch airlock produces 3600 pounds per hour cellulose (100 feet)
*Optional 16 inch airlock produces 1400 pounds per hour fiberglass


  • 12 inch airlock, 5HP positive displacement blower, Single Input 240V
  • Large 15 cubic foot hopper capacity for fiber
  • Stainless steel slide gate & integrally mounted pressure gauge enables precise fiber control
  • Premium powder coating presents a corrosion resistant long lasting finish
  • Modular construction with see through access panels provide fast maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Positive feed Slow speed scalping augers extend component life, while increasing safety
  • Large 12" X 12" airlock (quick release) is a rugged and easy to service component
  • Stainless steel high speed shredder enables you to maximize fiber production, coverage, and conditioning
  • 1250 inch pounds high torque reducer drive / motor delivers extra power
  • Hardened sprockets and a #50 chain are positive driving, corrosion resistant, and super rugged
  • 150 foot remote cord with hanger allows convenient remote device handling
  • Safety kill switch & manual control provides enhanced operator safety & fast response to hazards
  • Thermal manual overload protection for all electrical components and motors
  • LED lighted plugs & receptacles with deluxe voltmeter provides fast electrical diagnostics


Blower: 5 HP positive displacement

Power: Single input 30 amps, 240 volts


  • 12 in. long x 12 in. diameter
  • 3 in. blowing hose output
  • Slide-out airlock
  • (Optional) 12 in. long x 16 in. diameter airlock


  • Main Hopper - 15 cubic feet - 3 bags
  • w/ Hopper Extension
  • 30 cubic feet - 6 bags
  • 40 cubic feet - 8 bags - custom order

Generator Requirements: 15,000 Watts

Dimensions (L x W x H): 62 x 23 x 48 inches

Weight: 720 pounds