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Air Systems BB100-COAA Auto-Air Breather Box IDLH

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Air Systems International BB100-COAA Auto-Air Breather Box IDLH

The Air Systems BB100-COAA is specifically designed with full automatic reserve air for working in IDLH Environments.

The Auto Air IDLH filtration system is engineered to supply breathing air (Grade D) with full-automatic emergency reserve air in case of electrical failures or reduced main air source pressure while performing job duties in hazardous environments. The reserve-air activation triggers at 60 PSI and / or electrical supply loss, the system will automatically switch to your reserve air cylinder. Local & remote (optional) alarms signal personnel of primary air system failure & that the system has switched to back-up.

Note - IDLH conditions require pressure demand respirator usage with a minimum 5 min. escape cylinder.

* When ordering, please specify .25 inch Hansen or Schrader style fittings

  • Designed to filter breathing air for those working in IDLH Environments
  • 100 CFM - 4 couplings
  • 123 CFM flow capacity


Air Systems BB100-COAA Datasheet
Air Systems BB100-COAA Manual