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Air Systems LP/HP-A4K Breathing Air Quality Test Kit

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Air Systems LP/HP-A4K Breathing Air Quality Test Kit

The Air Systems LP/HP-A4K is designed for testing graded breathing air quality produced by compressors & cylinder compressed air.

The Air Systems LP/HP A4K air quality testing is accomplished with the utilization of inexpensive detector tubes which provide a go - no go test of graded air quality. In the case of a high reading, this will signal the existence of potentially unacceptable breathing air quality. When this happens, a complete air component laboratory analysis must be executed to determine the exact air quality readings to take appropriate corrective action.

Kit Contents

  • LP-A4 - Air quality compressor test module (max. 100 psi)
  • HP-A4 - Air cylinder test module (max. 3000 psi)
  • LP-47PF - Total particulate testing module (max. 20 psi) 1 filter included


  • Polycarbonate carrying case: Padded
  • Assorted test tubes: 4 boxes
  • Maximum 3000 psi


  • High-quality
  • Precise readings