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Air Systems SVF-8ACUP Confined Space Saddle Vent Axial Fan

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Air Systems SVF-8ACUP Confined Space Saddle Vent Axial Fan

The Air Systems SVF-8ACUP features the SV-CUP Saddle Vent confined space ventilation kit & SVF-8AC axial fan.

The SVF 8ACUP features a rugged duct canister made with polyethylene which is attached securely to the industrial lightweight SVF-8AC steel fan to make the perfect self-contained ventilation package.

The innovative Saddle Vent system occupies a mere 3 inches of a manhole opening & operates as a conduit for fresh air for workers in confined spaces. With your Saddle Vent in place, workers have continuous ventilation by eliminating air duct removal every time they need to exit or enter a confined space.

This kit includes an industrial saddle vent, a 15 ft. duct, a 6 ft. duct, a duct canister, a universal mount, and a 90-degree elbow.


  • Easy entry and exit for restricted or confined spaces
  • For non-hazardous locations only
  • Confined space ventilation
  • 115 Volt AC powered


  • SV-CUP Saddle Vent Ventilation Kit
  • SVF-8AC electric fan
  • 1/3 Horsepower, 115 Volt AC
  • Outlet: 8-inch diameter
  • Delivers free air at 1395 cubic feet per minute
  • Produces 72 dbA noise at 3 feet
  • Saddle Vent SV-CUP Features
  • Industrial Saddle Vent SV-189
  • Duct: 6 feet (SVH-6) and 15 feet (SVH-15)
  • Duct canister SVH-DC25 (room for 50 feet of duct)
  • 90 degree elbow SV-90
  • Universal mount bracket SV-UM


  • Advanced SV Technology
  • Rugged construction
  • Allows Continuous ventilation


  • Length - 43.5 inches
  • Width - 14.5 inches
  • Depth - 3.5 inches
  • Top Opening - 8 inches O.D.
  • Bottom Opening - 8 inches O.D.
  • Construction - Polyethylene
  • Temperature Rating
  1. 250 degrees F Melt Temperature
  2. -158 degrees F Brittleness Temperature


Air Systems SVF-8ACUP Datasheet