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To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.
To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.

Cool Machines C2U130 MOAV 37 h. p. Gas Vacuum

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$24,850.00 - $24,850.00
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Cool Machines C2U130 MOAV "Mother of All Vacuums" 37 HP Gas Vacuum

  • 5x the performance of our 23hp Impeller Vacuum!
  • Capable of no operating downtime when changing bags!
  • Trailer mounting to cut down on job-site setup!

The new M.O.A.V. is a rugged, powerful vacuum that can turn those day jobs into hour jobs.


  • Large, 37 h.p. Briggs and Stratton (Vanguard) engine for solid power. Largest vacuum engine in our lineup!
  • Large P.D. (Positive Displacement) vacuum provides massive performance gains over an impeller unit. (5x’s more suction-static pressure)
  • No High Speed Impeller; means much less maintenance due to worn/damaged impellers and chambers.
  • No overheating concerns with the engine cooling air and muffler exhaust plumbed outside of trailer.
  • As quiet as our impeller vacuums; Considerably quieter than high speed air-raid siren noise of belt drive vacuums!
  • Trailer/skid-mounted system reduces set-up time and lowers risk of transport abuse and damage like that of smaller units. Pull hoses, connect, and fire up the engine!


Weight: 1500 lbs.
Dimensions: 95” long x 50” wide x 70” high
Engine: Briggs “Vanguard” V-twin OHV, 10-gallon tank, positive pressure lubrication, low-level oil shutdown, oil pressure shutdown switch, r.p.m./hourmeter, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI).
Electric Start: with an included 12-volt battery. Integrated engine block cooling air filter.
Engine Warranty: 2-year consumer/1 year commercial
Vacuum Size: Massive 800 c.f.m. 12" Hg or 123" water column. (5x's more than impeller vacuums)
Vacuum Speed: Fills standard 75 ft3 collect bag in minutes.