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To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.
To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.

Cool Machines CM3000XL CM3000-20-7HP All Fiber Blowing Machine

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Cool Machines CM3000XL CM3000-20-7HP All Fiber Blowing Machine

24" airlock 7 HP positive displacement blower

“Cool and the 3 Machines”

This is a Cool chapter in our insulation machine story proving the value of listening to our customers and innovative designs! Some machines may be too small (like the compact CM2400).
Some machines are too big (like the robust CM3500XL). Then the CM3000XL is just right! Coupled with our optional 24” (61cm) airlock/turbo-shredder and 12 KW generator, this machine is a call back to our classic CM3000 but with a Cool modern twist!

Harnessing the power of large airlock feeders and blowers. So we revived the old CM3000, into the CM3000XL!

What’s the modern twist?
• Modernizing a popular old model with updated techniques

Believe it or not, we’ve learned A LOT over the years…and we keep on learning as we go! So, we took that knowledge and applied all of the modern manufacturing techniques and machine performance upgrades and updated the old CM3000 design! Giving you this beauty, the CM3000XL!

• ‘Reversible’ Hopper for Multiple Truck/Trailer Mounting Options! Don’t want to mount your machine on the driver side of the truck/trailer? DON’T!

12" Diameter Airlock available in two lengths: 20" and 24"
We incorporated a ‘reversible hopper’ and front pull-out airlock to allow for front mount and passenger side mount capabilities! Giving you more versatility to set up your truck/trailer system to better fit your needs!

CM3000XL 24" Airlock Production Rate
Material Production Rate
Cellulose 5,400 lbs/hr (2449 kg/hr)
Fiberglass 2,400 lbs/hr (1089 kg/hr)
Rockwool 2,700 lbs/hr (1225 kg/hr)


Weight: 1550 lbs (703 kg) – 7hp PD Blower
Dimensions (LxWxH): 82" x 28 1/4" x 50 3/4" (208cm x 71.76cm x 129cm) 72” – 79” (182.9cm – 200.7cm) Tall with Hopper Extension
Hopper Capacity: 27 ft.3 (0.76m3) – 46 to 52 ft.3 (1.30 to 1.47m3) w/ Hopper Ext.
Airlock Options (Diameter x Length): Ø12” x 24”, 4.0 psi w/ 4” output tube (Ø30.5cm x 61cm w/ 10.16cm output tube
Drive Motor: 2 hp Augers/Airlock Motor
Blower: 7.5 hp / 205 cfm, 8.0 psi (348 m3/hr, 552 mbar) – PD Blower
Power Requirements (US): 35 amp. single input , 240 volt, 1 Phase (4 Blr. Box or PD Blr.)

Power Requirements (Export/CE):
10/10/10 amp, 230 volt, 1 Phase, Trpl Input (4 Blr. Box)
10 amp, 380 volt, 3 Phase, Sgl Input (5hp PD Blower)