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To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.
To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.

Cool Machines CM450024-5HP Insulation Machine 5HP

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Cool Machines CM450024-5HP Insulation Machine 5HP

Cool Machines Big Dog CM-4500 series insulation machine combines a large 100 cubic foot hopper with high-speed production into a simple, compact machine.

The 12” x 24” oversized airlock feeder and 5 h.p. positive displacement (P.D.) blower provides the ‘punch’ to knock out the big jobs.

Wall Spray? Bring it on!!! Our optional Vacuum Hood/Gas Vacuum or 10 h.p. (P.D.) Vac-Pack Recovery Systems streamline the spray process and reduce labor costs.

A big dry hopper (75 ft.3/16 bags cellulose) allows the operator to leave the truck for long durations assisting with duties inside the structure.

Simple dual slide gate controls for recycle and dry in a single, compact machine provide a fast, accurate application of dry blended fibers into the wall; while conserving space inside your vehicle.

Our integrated recycle technology precisely controls the introduction of dry and recycle fiber in a separate metering hopper. This process significantly increases the speed of application and decreases moisture. These features allow the contractor to reduce labor while allowing the spray nozzle to run non-stop. The “Big Dog” CM-4500 is the solution to increasing profits on large, demanding jobs.

CM-4500 Production Rates:

Material Production Rate
Cellulose 4,500 lbs/hr (*5,400 lbs/hr)
Fiberglass 1,800 lbs/hr (*2,400 lbs/hr)
Rockwool 2,200 lbs/hr (*5,000 lbs/hr)
Wall Spray Cellulose 40 bags/hr


Weight: 2,250 lbs.
Dimensions (L x W x H): 112 x 35 x 89 inches
Hopper Capacity: 100 cubic ft. (24 bags cellulose/6 bags fiberglass)
Airlock size:

  • 4 inch O.D. Ouput @ 6 p.s.i.
  • 12” dia. x 24” (Standard)

Drive motors: 2 HP
Blower: 5 h.p. P.D. Blower / 3L, 250 c.f.m. (Standard)
Power Requirements:

  • 240 volt, 30 amp. 1-phase (Standard)
  • 480 volt, 20 amp. 3-phase (Standard)