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To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.
To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.

NIKRO AP1500 Dust and Fume Extraction Equipment

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NIKRO AP1500 Dust and Fume Extraction Equipment

NIKRO's AP1500 Portable Air Cleaning System is developed to capture & filter welding fumes, light particulate, oil mists, and smoke that is generated in the workplace to protect employees from dangerous contaminants.

The Nikro AP1500 can save you money on maintenance costs and keep shop environments safer by removing dust and oil mists before they can reduce visibility or get deposited on machinery and floors, as well as filtering and then returning your cooled or heated air directly into your shop. The AP1500 from NIKRO features a self-cleaning system that extends the life of the filter which saves you money on filters and machine maintenance. These caster-mounted air cleaning machines from NIKRO are portable and easily maneuvered about the workplace, and provide economical solutions for maintaining a clean & safe shop, all while protecting employees and complying with E.P.A. and O.S.H.A. standards.


  • Contaminated air flows through the pickup hood, through the hose, and then into the main unit
  • The 8-inch x 10-foot Flex Duct with hood is adjusted easily into any position needed
  • Large heavy particulate is trapped in the convenient removable collection compartment
  • The 1st filtration stage consists of a pleated high-capacity prefilter that is made to capture large particulate before they can reach the main filter, which extends the main filter's life
  • The main filter is a 99.97 percent @ 0.3-micron H.E.P.A. filter (D.O.P. tested) with odor control modules, and captures fine particulate before being released back into the air
  • Clean, purified air is returned back into the environment