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To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.

Miller GG0140 GlideLoc 140 Ft. Galvanized Ladder Climbing System Kit (Rail)

by Miller
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Miller GG0140 GlideLoc 140 Ft. Galvanized Ladder Climbing System Kit (Rail)

The Miller GG0140 GlideLoc Vertical Height Ladder Climbing System Kit provides you with innovative solutions for ladder climbing that requires very minimal maintenance, is easy to use, & provides unsurpassed safety.

The easy to climb GlideLoc Fall Arrest System provides you with hands free fall safety at height which ultimately improves worker productivity, safety and mobility.

  • Innovative design keeps your hands free for easy climbing
  • Engineered to operate smoothly for descending /ascending
  • Easy to install DIY do it yourself kit
  • Rugged construction for increased service life
  • Accommodate multiple workers

Systems are customizable for your specific applications using additional components which include: Integrated Shock Absorbing Element for Miller GlideLoc Ladder Climbing Fall Arrset System

  • Larger ladder rung brackets
  • Ladder side rail brackets
  • Foldable foot rest for longer ladders
  • Device for shaft entry provides easy manhole and roof hatch access

Perfect for your permanent ladder application

  • Turbines / Wind Power
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Platforms / Drilling Rigs
  • Crane Installation
  • Shipbuilding
  • Confined Space


The Miller GlideLoc Fall Arrester immediately locks into the safety rail when a fall occurs.

All GlideLoc Arrester models offer:

  • Quiet and smooth trailing action on the rail gives you an easy comfortable climb
  • Automatic design frees both your hands for safer climbing
  • Catch clamp made from stainless steel immediately locks into the safety rail during a fall event
  • Shock absorbing integrated safety mechanism greatly reduces the force on workers and the system during a fall event
  • Fall indicator lets you know if the product needs to be removed from service
  • Integrated swivel, automatic locking carabiner aids with trailing alignment & meets allowable attachment length
  • Innovative design helps you avoid upside down installation ensuring climber's safety
  • No need to lean back when climbing, reduces fatigue, perfect for confined spaces and ladder cages
  • Ergonomic design for easy 1 handed installations

GlideLoc Climbing Systems Include:

  • GlideLoc safety rail
  • Ladder attachment brackets
  • Gated end stop - top
  • Gated end stop - bottom
  • Hardware
  • Systems can accommodate 1 worker per rail section