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To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.
To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.

Miller HLLR2-L/30FT TechLine Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Kits

by Miller
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Miller HLLR2-L/30FT TechLine Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Kits

2 worker HLL system, 30ft kit, anchorage connector purchased separately

Miller TechLine HLL Kits include all the components required for quickly and safely installing a fall protection roof system.

Low-Stretch and Durable
The Miller TechLineTM system provides 100% tie-off for continuous fall protection: and a secure anchorage point(s) with less deflection and reduced fall clearance requirements.

Integrated Vertical Lifeline
The rope grab components enhance worker mobility: productivity and safety.

Features & Benefits

Simplified Construction Systems

  • Kit configurations are available to accommodate 1 or 2 workers
  • System kits are lightweight and portable
  • Specially designed for use during residential roof construction

Horizontal LifelineKit

  • Low-stretch rope lifeline for better performance/ less deflection
  • Rope lifeline adjuster to accommodate required length
  • Shock absorber pack reduces fall arrest forces
  • Connecting O-rings for greater worker mobility
  • Reusable roof anchors easy to install/remove quickly

Vertical Lifeline Kit

  • 50 ft. polysteel rope lifeline
  • Trailing rope grab that can be attached/removed anywhere along the lifeline

Personal Protection Equipment

  • Miller Titan non-stretch harness
  • 3 ft. Titan lanyard with shock absorber pack

Kit Contents

  1. Durable: low-stretch 5/8-in. rope horizontal lifeline with shock absorber pack
  2. Lifeline adjuster
  3. Reusable roof anchors
  4. Connecting O-rings
  5. Miller Titan harness
  6. 3 ft. Titan shock-absorbing lanyard
  7. 50 ft. polysteel rope vertical lifeline
  8. Trailing rope grab
  9. Large carrying bag