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To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.
To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.

Miller Honeywell VG/90FT Vi-Go Ladder Climbing Safety System Cable

by Miller
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Miller Honeywell VG/90FT Vi-Go Ladder Climbing Safety System Cable

The Miller VG 90FT safety system provides continuous fall arrest protection for fixed ladder climbing applications.

Miller Honeywell VG/90FT Vi-Go ladder climbing system features a unique, patent-pending sleeve that bypasses intermediate cable guides automatically, allowing both hands of the climber to be free. The sleeve runs smoothly along the ladder and locks itself automatically in case there is a fall. Easy single handed attachment and detachment keeps things simpler for workers.

The automatic pass-through guides prevent cable from wear while allowing the system to easily accommodate curves. Its aluminum and steel components ensure a long lifespan and can withstand harsh working environments. With its dual shock-absorbing system, it significantly reduces the chances of fall and simultaneously prevents ladder and system from damage.

*Cable sleeve sold separately


  • Power Transmission
  • Wind Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • General Industry
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Water Tanks/Towers
  • Chimney Stacks
  • Silos


  • Unique, patent-pending cable sleeve automatically bypasses intermediate cable guides, allowing climbers to keep their both hands free.
  • Cable sleeve moves smoothly along cable and locks itself instantly in case there is a fall.
  • Easy and fast one-hand operation for attaching and detaching from the system.
  • Automatic pass-through cable guides ably secure the lifeline, preventing the cable from wear and tear and simultaneously enabling the system to accommodate curves.
  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant aluminum and stainless steel components can withstand harsh environments.
  • Innovative attachment mechanism prevents incorrect installation.
  • Dual shock-absorbing system reduces the chances of fall while protecting the system and ladder from damage.
  • Can accommodate 5/16-inch (8 mm) or 3/8-inch (10 mm) cable.

Dual-Function Tensioner

  • Prevention of ladder rung deformations
  • Indicates if your lifeline is adjusted properly for fast, easy installations and inspections

Shock Absorber (Top Bracket)

  • Absorbs the energy generated by a fall event
  • Quick link innovative design enables trouble free cable installations