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Nikro 860380 2" X 50' Hose Assembly

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Nikro 860380 2" X 50' Hose Assembly

This hose is flexible and lightweight with a smooth interior for efficient airflow. This Nikro 2'' Vacuum hose stretches up to 50 feet when you move around, allowing you to reach further areas of your house without moving the vacuum.

The hose is easily and safely connected with other Nikro 2'' tools to perform the best quality cleaning of any surfaces

NIKRO- A true innovator in H.E.P.A. filtration offers a complete line of critical filtered vacuums for use in removing asbestos, lead, toxic, and nuisance dust or other applications where H.E.P.A. filtration is a must
Efficient, economical, and versatile, NIKRO H.E.P.A. filtered vacuums come in a variety of sizes, styles, and configurations to better suit your cleaning needs