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NIKRO EC5000 Air Duct Cleaning System (Dual Motor)

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NIKRO EC5000 Air Duct Cleaning System (Dual Motor)

The NIKRO EC5000 is a 5000cfm free air duct cleaning system unit boasting two 1.5 horsepower, backward incline motor and blower assemblies creating a powerful combination of vacuum and air flow. The NIKRO EC5000 is an ideal duct cleaning system for residential and light commercial air duct cleaning. Powerful and extremely portable, the NIKRO EC5000 air duct cleaning systems feature a unique 3-stage filtration system, including a final stage H.E.P.A (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter rated at 99.97% @ 0.3 micron particles and larger, DOP Tested. The NIKRO EC5000 filtration system actually meets or exceeds OSHA, EPA and NADCA Standards for cleaning the air of toxic and nuisance dust. With the NIKRO EC5000 free air duct cleaning systems special high efficiency motor design, these units can be ran virtually anywhere. They operate on 115 volts and draw only 13.5 amps with two seperate power cords on the EC5000 unit.

Each NIKRO EC5000 air duct cleaning system includes a complete set of filters, 1 - #860147 12" x 25' PVC Flex Duct, 2 - #860249 Quick Connect Hose Clamps and 1 - #860111 Duct Mounting Flange. The NIKRO EC5000 5000 cfm Free Air Duct Cleaning System also carries a 3 year warranty. (Assembled Weight 189lbs.)


5000 (Free Air)
Static Pressure
115V/13.5 (each motor/2 plugs)
Blower Type
Dual Backward Incline
3-Stage with 99.97% HEPA

NIKRO EC5000 Cabinet Dimensions:

Motor Cabinet
24" L x 26" W x 31" H
Center Cabinet
13" L x 26" W x 31" H
Primary Cabinet
22" L x 26" L x 31" H