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To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.
To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.

Nilfisk IVT-1000CR Standard Machine Base Unit 17142008

by Nilfisk
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Nilfisk IVT-1000CR Standard Machine Base Unit 17142008

The Nilfisk IVT-1000CR Cleanroom Vacuum is specifically designed for use in cleanrooms up to and including Class 10 (ISO 4). It's is a powerful and efficient cleanroom vacuum that safely removes and contains hazardous dust, debris, and particles and helps you dispose of them in the safest way possible. Like other Nilfisk cleanroom vacuum models, the Nilfisk IVT1000CR uses a series of filters to remove harmful particles from the exhaust to protect and improve your air quality. Other features such as corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction and an autoclavable container and trolley help simplify decontamination and sterilization.

Along with cleanrooms, the IVT1000CR vacuum is a popular choice for hazardous debris cleanup in pharmaceutical, hospital, lab, and specialty manufacturing applications. It features a 3.25-gallon container capacity that accommodates a 2.25-gallon dust bag for dry collection.


The Nilfisk IVT-1000-CR Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with an ultrafine particle filtration system that collects and retains fine hazardous dust and powders from your environment. This system includes an ULPA filter, or Ultra Low Penetration Air filter, that prevents hazardous particles from being exhausted back into your space as you clean. The complete filtering system consists of:

  • Filtering Dust Bag — The standard 2.25-gallon dust bag collects most large dust particles and debris for simple disposal. Smaller particles, such as fine dust, powders, and allergens, move through the dust bag to be caught by the remaining filters.
  • Gore-Tex Main Filter — This large main filter is ideal for fine powder filtration. A smooth PTFE membrane prevents fine dust particles from passing through the filter while steady, even airflow continues. This filter is efficient in removing 99.995% of particles down to 0.33 microns. Please note that this filter is not included with Safe-Pak option.
  • ULPA Exhaust Filter — The vacuum's downstream ULPA exhaust filter ensures that 99.999% of all ultrafine particles down to 0.12 microns and larger are retained.
  • Optional HEPA Exhaust Filter - A HEPA exhaust filter is included with the Nilfisk IVT-1000-CR Safe-Pak Vacuum option. This filter is attached to the Safe-Pak container to provide an extra level of exhaust filtration.


Vacuum Style: Canister
Collection Type: Bagged
Floor Surface Type: Bare Floors
Attachments: 0
Hose Length: 10 ft.
Sealed Filtration System: Yes