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To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.
To process your order, please ensure it reaches a minimum of $150.

Air Systems International BA-100 Blast-Air Cart Sandblasting

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Air Systems International BA-100 Blast-Air Cart Sandblasting

The Air Systems BA-100 is engineered to accommodate the demanding requirements of the coating and sandblasting industry.

Air is supplied to the Blast Air cart from plant or mobile air compressors & pre-filtered through the high capacity particulate, oil, & water separators which are located at the rugged steel cart's rear section. The pre-filters will automatically drain a large amount of water and oil discharged from the compressor to prevent them from entering the Breather Box. This process extends the Breather Box's filter life & reduces costs and maintenance downtime.

Includes an installed 100 CFM Breather Box.


  • Breather Box - 100 CFM - 123 CFM flow capacity
  • 4 couplings
  • Twin 300 Cfm Cart with mounted Pre-Filters & Automatic Drains
  • All filter stages include filter changes indicators
  1. 1st stage filter - bulk water and particulate removal - 5.0 micron
  2. 2nd stage filter - filtration of coalescing oil & ultra-fine particulate - .01 micron
  3. 3rd stage filter - Charcoal removal of objectionable odors and organic vapors - .03 micron
  • Auto Drains for 1st & 2nd stage - 3rd stage manual drain
  • CO Monitor and Sensor comes with a 2-year warranty
  • In-Line CO Monitor w/ optional CO - O2 Monitor
  • Electrochemical Sensor provides detection for specific gas & rapid calibration - under 2 min.
  • 9 Volt Dual-battery operation - 16 to 8 V DC & - or 115 V AC
  • 125PSI - Safety Relief Valve Setting
  • 0 to 160 PSI Pressure Gauge
  • Visual Flowmeter for verifying air flowing to monitor
  • Case mount CO alarm and warning lights
  • DC remote alarm jack w/ cover cap
  • Max Inlet Pressure - 150psi
  • Respirator couplings have a safety lock


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