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Air Systems International CO-91HACG Portable CO Monitor

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Air Systems International CO-91HACG Portable CO Monitor

Air Systems CO-91HACG easily connects to filtration sources for breathing air, ambient air pumps & monitors your air for dangerous CO content. Air Systems International CO-91HACG Portable CO Monitor features an audible alarm of 90 dBA. The alarm and light incorporated in its design get activated when CO content exceeds 10ppm (5ppm for Canadian models). It has an external alarm and light which protects the internal components of the monitor from getting contaminated or damaged. The CO Monitor operates on 9-volt batteries, 16 to 8 VDC, and/or 115 VAC.

The CO91-HACG is rated for 6000 PSI Max. pressure & includes a regulator & calibration gas cylinders.


  • Portable filter pots
  • Ambient air pumps
  • Filter systems
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Retrofit old-style filtration systems and compressors


  • Includes calibration gas cylinders and regulator
  • Permits 6000psi of air pressure
  • High-intensity alarm (optional)
  • Requires batteries 9 volt - 16 to 8 V DC & - or 115 V AC
  • Comes with connector kit including 1/4 inch interchange coupling with 5ft. hose
  • Comes with an alarm jack that allows easy connection with remote alarm devices


Air Systems CO-91HACG Datasheet