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Air Systems International MACK-NFPA1 NFPA Multi Air Command Kit

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Air Systems International MACK-NFPA1 NFPA Multi Air Command Kit

The MACK NFPA units have been designed for the air handling requirements of the Fire / Rescue industry operating with NFPA Compliance. The MACK-NFPA1 air distribution system is specifically designed for confined space fire and rescue operations. The MACK NFPA1 has 2 separate manifold/regulator systems, both of which are supplied with 2 SCBA connecting whips. In case one regulator fails, the rescue operation can be executed with the stand-by regulator system.

1 or 2 SCBA cylinders may deliver air into the system. The regulator for low-pressure provides 0 to 125 psi for a 4-outlet respirator manifold. The alarm whistle for low-pressure & a 6V DC lamp illuminates the interior of the case and is included as standard equipment.

  • Breathing, Rescue / Fire, Cylinder Filling Operations
  • Air Distribution
  • NFPA Requirements
  • Hazardous Locations


  • Dual independent air regulators w/ 3 outlet manifolds
  • Dual low-pressure alarms
  • Four - 5 foot connect whips
  • Confined rescue operations needs
  • Two separate systems with two SCBA whips each
  • Includes a regulator isolation valve
  • Can use one or two air sources at a time
  • CGA-347 high-pressure inlet for uninterrupted operations


  • Augments easy fire/rescue operations in confined spaces
  • With the stand by regulator, you will be able to perform rescue/fire operations even if the main regulator malfunctions


 Air Systems MACK-NFPA1 Datasheet
 Air Systems MACK-NFPA1 Manual